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leander_welcomeWhen an AC malfunctions, it creates a major headache, especially in the middle of July. Thankfully Geaux Pro Air offers the remedy to your aches and pains with ac repair Leander.

Geaux Pro Air has been providing  HVAC repair for residents of Leander since the late 1990’s. From Palmera Ridge to Crystal Falls to Greatwood Estates, our trucks can be seen travelling though Leander 24/7 in an effort to keep homes and families comfortable. 

Common Issues we Diagnose

There are several warning signs your machine is in need of a repair:

  • Odd noises
    If your unit produces strange, new noises such as squealing or grating there is underlying problem that requires an expert to take a look.
  • Weird smells 
    Dirty Socks Syndrome” is common when you switch your ac to heating. The odor is created when the heat strip burns the dust that has accumulated on it over time. In cooling mode, however, your ac shouldn’t have musty and pungent smells that make the air unpleasant. The cause for this could be simple like a an old filter or more nefarious like burning wires,
  • Warm or hot air in cooling mode
    If your machine can’t cool your home on a famously hot Texas day, there is an issue. It could be related to a leak, compressor or capacitor.
  • System doesn’t turn on
    The causes of your ac not turning on can include a clogged air filter, blown fuse, dirty evaporator coils, or tripped circuit breaker.

Reliable AC Repair Experts

As with any home repair, you can attempt to diagnosis and fix your air conditioner yourself, but this may lead to more damage to the system. For this reason and for peace of mind, a call to the experts at Geaux Pro Air is the way to go. Our reliable techs are available whenever when you need us. Our team’s extensive experience means regardless of which technician visits your home, your issue will be diagnosed and solved quickly


Our customer service team is always on standby, ready to answer your calls. We appreciate you entrusting us with your comfort needs. Our repair rates are fair, competitive and affordable. They are also up front so you can make an informed decision for your family and your wallet. We are happy to explain in detail how we intend to repair your air conditioner and outline options that are available. If the equipment is old and the cost of repair has become excessive, we can also provide a free estimate on a new high efficiency system.

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