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Like an air conditioning system, heating systems require routine maintenance to prevent unexpected failures. Geaux Pro Air recommends a regular maintenance checkup to ensure your heating system will be working effectively and efficiently on cool winter days and nights. 

During a heating tune up, our technician will conduct an all point visual inspection of the heating system. This inspection is used to seek out potential issues. We will also measure refrigerant pressures in heating mode and monitor the system as it cycles through defrost mode. At the the conclusion of our visit, we’ll make recommendations on how to keep your system in tip top condition and alert you of any potential issues.

Benefits of an annual maintenance include:

• Improved air quality
• Peak efficiency and longevity of the system
• Helps to conserve fuel in furnaces
• Recommended by manufacturers and utility companies

Let’s keep warm. Take advantage of our PMA today. 

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Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement


2 all point tune ups 6 months apart.
10% discount on repairs during regular business hours

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