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Quality residential AC Houston is essential for your comfort and sanity throughout the long, humid Texas summer. Repair and maintenance will prolong your system’s life. However, over time your air conditioner will gradually wear out and need to be replaced. At Geaux Pro Air, we keep you cool by repairing, maintaining and when it’s time replacing your HVAC system.

Benefit from a New AC System

Regardless of the type of AC system that is installed in your home, you can expect it to operate more efficiently than your old one. A new systems can deliver substantial financial savings through reduced energy consumption. You may also notice that your indoor air quality improves and the environment inside is more comfortable.  

Choose the Right AC System for Your Home

In the end, the specific benefits of a new system are tied to the one you select. Whether you are interested in a central ac, a mini split or ductless or other type of air conditioning system, we are happy to educate you about the options available. Your home’s size and layout as well as your budget will ultimately determine which air conditioning system is the best fit. We proudly carry American Standard, but can install all other major brands. The installation of a new system in your Houston home comes with a part and limited warranty. If you’re on a budget, we offer financing is available for qualified individuals. 

Maximize the Life of Your New Air Conditioner

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At Geaux Pro Air, we are available to respond promptly in the event your air conditioner goes down. With regular maintenance, we can mitigate the impact of regular wear and age and prolong your system’s lifespan.

So whether your home ac system  is leaking, making noises, blowing bad smelling air…or if you are interested in upgrading to a new system to take advantage of improved reliability and efficiency, one call to Geaux Pro Air solves it all.


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